This book was amazing! Shed tears but also laughed as well! Inspirational and uplifting. Would suggest for all ages as I feel everyone can learn something from it! Two thumbs up!

A beautiful, powerful book about a life well-lived. We learn to see beyond the disability and into the heart of a wonderful young man and his family.
Ann writes as she lives, with passion, humor and determination. It is a must read.

What a wonderful legacy for a most exceptional young man. The book is beautifully written and is guaranteed to make you laugh, cry, and feel a powerful urge to change the world!

A wonderful book about an amazing journey and an equally amazing family. I learned a lot about being an advocate for someone you love, even when the world says  you are wrong. 

While this book is about a severely handicapped young man, you will learn who he was beyond his disabilities. It teaches us to see the person, not the circumstance of their  diagnosis.


Not Worth Saving is available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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Not Worth Saving is also available thru Kansas State Library Talking Books, for people with a visual impairment, physical impairment or reading disability. Catalog number DBC05132.

Click Here to download a free copy of Not Worth Saving's Reader's Guide. This is the perfect piece to compliment a book club study or your own personal use.